I have been informed that I have been voted by staff and listeners,, that I am the 7th top singer/ songwriter in California, USA and number #48 for the couuntry


My song "Call Me" has been selected as the 1st track, launching Matrix Mixtape Compilation, vol. 31., release date 5/19/17. Many songwriters vie for this opportunity, I am appreciative and believe in my music.

On this date fans, listeners, and members of Number 1 Music (N1M) website voted "Vic Moraga" as the 11th top singer/songwriter in the USA.Thank you fans and friends.

"Rock It Man" (photo),"Vic Moraga and his band blasts off..., Moraga lays his hat down..., diverse set list..., a few spur of the moment surprises...,"

"Singer Entertains Oceanside Newcomers!" Oceanside Newcomer's and Friends were entertained by singer, guitarist, and storyteller: Vic Moraga (photo op)B 2

"Tin Fork article" - The guy singing is Vic Moraga, the "Castilain Gypsy". Wailing away on some Gordon Lightfoot, "if you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts could tell...", Pretty darned good voice. *(quote)(photo op)
Lil Pits Stage Linden Ave. at 7th Street Vic Moraga ........ 1:45 p. m.
FALL GARDEN FEST in VISTA "Singalong with Vic Moraga"
For 3 weeks in May my songs "All of My Life" and "Angeleyne" soared to the top 10 on XPR radio. Out of over 350 song selections in the "Easy Listening" music catalog I stayed at the top as a favorite. Thank you to's listening audience.
Oceanside Newcomer's and Friends were entertained by Latin fused music of Vic Moraga..., *photo op
"The Five Alley Cats and Me" is soon to be released in print. I am the writer and Joli Kishi is the illustrator, the drafts are exceptional.
"The Five Alley Cats and Me" 9 tracks, all original music, family oriented with song titles like "PLease Feed the Bears" and "Your Friendly Local Raccoon", sure to be a winner with kids of all ages. Family oriented fun, engaging, inspired music and lyrics.
I ahve been notified by ASCAP that I am a recipient of an ASCAPLUS Award for 2009. This is my third consecutive ASCAPLUS Award. contacted me directly. "Angeleyne" and "The Highway's Heart" have been voted on by a judging tier and listeners and were selected over many other submitted songs for regular rotation play. I will also be promoted through as an indie artist on and Thank you is now playing my music. request "vic moraga" in the upper right hand corner and enjoy. voting is appreciated.
Andy Seaborn and myself posted two segments on visit the youtube links on the Links to Others page
I am pleased to share that I have been chosen as a recipient of an ASCAPLUS AWARD for 2008 in the Jazz and Popular Music Division
A great show held at this famous L. A. concert venue on July 27th. Hosted by actress Nia Long, recognized vocalist-Talita Long sang impeccably. I was proud to be included in her "all star" line up including World Class recording and performing artist's Karen Briggs(jazz violinist) and Maia Harper(virtuoso multi-instrumentalist).
Vantage Records selected my song "Angeleyne" to be featured on their "L. A. Music Scene '08" compilation Cd.
Please visit where you wiil not only discover the finest in an all natural health and healing products line for your daily care of you, but also enjoy "Nicole"(ascap), as Tamiko's selection of music for her website.
I 'm preparing for my bi-annual bay area tour at such venue's as the Walnut Creek Santana family's "Maria, Maria Restaurant", Bing Crosby International's "La Cantina" in Mill Valley, and Santa Rosa and many other excellent venues. I am looking forward to reaquainting with familiar faces and places, and making new friends.
I have received an "ASCAPLUS Award" from the ASCAPLUS Awards Panel, Jazz and Popular Division.
Now available in "The Java Lounge" at $10.00 dollars ea. (the only coffee lounge in the village). An upscale artsy coffee shop featuring live entertainment; the likes of jazz legend "Herb Jefferies", "Ernesto"-classical guitarist and "Lee Ritenour's" band mates and the artistry of acclaimed local artisans. "in good company."
I've just laid down the bass tracks on an original compostion "I Keep Falling" for touring Irish recording sensation "Maria Butterly". She is on her way to Ireland for a touring and television dates and will present this recording to her management in Ireland.
I just laid down guitar tracks for a soon to be released song, (written by Petra Luna), "Next Child". This work is sponsered by "Safe Passage Home", a nonprofit charity in assistance of battered children.
That's right. Tune in to 1460.AM Tuesday mornings. Dr. Thornton wil be playing my music as "bumper music" on his health oriented programming. Bless you Dr. Thornton.
The live interview was done Jan. 27th at 1pm PST and plays daily for a month at Mike Stark's "Rock 50 Show" Tee'm's "Unsigned Music Show". The first hour the host's will spin disc's. The second hour starts with a local rock group interview. "Mona For Now" has a 20 min. set, then my spot for 20 minutes. I perform "I'll Stay In Utah"' I Wish I Had A Fish", and "Abeliene" with friendly discussion interspersed.
By invitation, Moraga performs a set of all original music on the Border's Stage the evening of March 16th, 2007! The South By Southwest Music Conference is the largest music conference in the USA held yearly in Austin, Tx.
You can visit for the posting of my first prize award.
The song "I Wish I Had A Fish" by Vic Moraga (ASCAP)c.05 has won first place in the national USA Songwritng Competition (Childrens). I am pleased to be recognized by one of the most prestigious songwriting competitions in the world.
Just a note: Through 2004, the song "I'LL STAY IN UTAH"c.2002, is played over the airwaves at the San Diego radio station KKGO.AM on a program called "America In the Morning". This program is also repeated on multiple radio stations throughout the U.S.A. daily.
Vantage Records release's "LA MUSIC SCENE '99". Vic Moraga is a featured artist! "talented and creative..."

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