7th top Singer/ Songwriter, California, USA 

I have been informed that I have been voted by staff and listeners, www.N1M.com, that I am the 7th top singer/ songwriter in California, USA and number #48 for the couuntry


Matrix Mixtape Compilation, Vol. 31 

My song "Call Me" has been selected as the 1st track, launching Matrix Mixtape Compilation, vol. 31., release date 5/19/17. Many songwriters vie for this opportunity, I am appreciative and believe in my music.

The Argonaut, (Local News and Culture) 

"Rock It Man" (photo),"Vic Moraga and his band blasts off..., Moraga lays his hat down..., diverse set list..., a few spur of the moment surprises...,"

North County Time's 

"Singer Entertains Oceanside Newcomers!" Oceanside Newcomer's and Friends were entertained by singer, guitarist, and storyteller: Vic Moraga (photo op)B 2

San Diego Reader, Vol. 41, #17 

"Tin Fork article" - The guy singing is Vic Moraga, the "Castilain Gypsy". Wailing away on some Gordon Lightfoot, "if you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts could tell...", Pretty darned good voice. *(quote)(photo op)

Coastal View News 

Lil Pits Stage Linden Ave. at 7th Street Vic Moraga ........ 1:45 p. m.


For 3 weeks in May my songs "All of My Life" and "Angeleyne" soared to the top 10 on XPR radio. Out of over 350 song selections in the "Easy Listening" music catalog I stayed at the top as a favorite. Thank you to XPRradio.com's listening audience.