7th top Singer/ Songwriter, California, USA 

I have been informed that I have been voted by staff and listeners, www.N1M.com, that I am the 7th top singer/ songwriter in California, USA and number #48 for the couuntry


Matrix Mixtape Compilation, Vol. 31 

My song "Call Me" has been selected as the 1st track, launching Matrix Mixtape Compilation, vol. 31., release date 5/19/17. Many songwriters vie for this opportunity, I am appreciative and believe in my music.

The Argonaut, (Local News and Culture) 

"Rock It Man" (photo),"Vic Moraga and his band blasts off..., Moraga lays his hat down..., diverse set list..., a few spur of the moment surprises...,"

North County Time's 

"Singer Entertains Oceanside Newcomers!" Oceanside Newcomer's and Friends were entertained by singer, guitarist, and storyteller: Vic Moraga (photo op)B 2

San Diego Reader, Vol. 41, #17 

"Tin Fork article" - The guy singing is Vic Moraga, the "Castilain Gypsy". Wailing away on some Gordon Lightfoot, "if you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts could tell...", Pretty darned good voice. *(quote)(photo op)

Coastal View News 

Lil Pits Stage Linden Ave. at 7th Street Vic Moraga ........ 1:45 p. m.

Vic Moraga Duo plays original "Our Sunrise"