"Winner" Outstanding Legacy Award - 

I have been notified by the music organization "The Akademia" that I have been awarded the 2022 Outstanding Music Legacy Award for my contribution to music for all ages and it's lasting achievement that will influence and inspire future generations to strive for excellence.

officially nominated by the Akademia executive team for The Akademia 2022 Outstanding Legacy Award, 

 A special honor being bestowed upon those artists whose musical legacy is deemed timeless and important to future generations. In addition to other benefits, winners of this award will have their name permanently etched in steel on the Akademia Hall of Titans stage in Diamond City. This is a significant accomplishment to be selected out of so many contenders from all around the world. 

7th top Singer/ Songwriter, California, USA 

I have been informed that I have been voted by staff and listeners, www.N1M.com, that I am the 7th top singer/ songwriter in California, USA and number #48 for the couuntry


Matrix Mixtape Compilation, Vol. 31 

My song "Call Me" has been selected as the 1st track, launching Matrix Mixtape Compilation, vol. 31., release date 5/19/17. Many songwriters vie for this opportunity, I am appreciative and believe in my music.

The Argonaut, (Local News and Culture) 

"Rock It Man" (photo),"Vic Moraga and his band blasts off..., Moraga lays his hat down..., diverse set list..., a few spur of the moment surprises...,"

Vic Moraga Duo plays original "Our Sunrise"